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The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) lets you edit and code right in your browser.

Browser Compatability:

For the best AppJet experience, use the Latest Version of the Firefox Web Browser. Here is the current state of browser support:

Browser Notes
FireFox 2+ Full support (except for known bugs below).
IE6+ Full support (except for known bugs below).
Safari 3+ Full support (except for known bugs below).
iPhone Basic support: plaintext editing only.
Opera Basic support: plaintext editing only.

Developing Code

More General IDE documentation is coming soon. For now, here are some useful notes:

  • The same database is shared between preview and publish apps.

  • Published apps are viewable to the world whether or not they are included in the app directory.

  • To remove an app from the directory, uncheck the box and publish it again.

  • To rename an app once it has been published, publish it under a different name.

  • To delete an app, visit the myapps page.

Interactive Shell

The interactive shell lets you try out new functions and libraries quickly.

  • The shell functions are evaluated in a separate context from your app, but they share the same storage backend.

  • To use storage in the shell (or any other library), you must first type import("storage") into the shell.

  • You can click on previously executed shell statements instead of typing them again.

Debug Log

The debug log lets you record debugging messages and easily view them later.

  • Uncaught exceptions are automaticaly logged to an app's debug log.

  • You can log your own messages my importing the dlog library (import("dlog")), and using the functions dlog.fatal(), dlog.error(), dlog.warn(), and dlog.info().

  • Click the "Log" tab in the IDE to view your app's debug log.

  • More information and an example are available on the dlog library reference page.

Known IDE Bugs:

If the shell connection is dropped, you can reload the whole IDE page to re-establish it.

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