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12 years ago

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hide the "Powered by JGate on AppJet" footer?

You can, though we appreciate it when developers tastefully work "Powered By JGate on AppJet" and "View Source" into their design.

The easiest way to hide the footer completely is to add the following to the bottom of your app's code:

/* appjet:css */
#appjetfooter { display: none; }

Alternatively, to gain complete control over the HTML output of the page, you can call page.setMode("plain"), and then write whatever HTML you would like.

Can I hide the source code to my app hosted on JGate?

No, the source code to all apps is publicly visible.

We think this is of great value to the JGate community. In return for providing developers with free hosting and storage for apps hosted on JGate, we ask that they share their source code so that others can learn from their example.

Most app authors don't mind sharing their code. In fact, it is often a point of pride to show off the cleverness of engineering that goes into making an app work. When somebody "clones" an app, the original app is credited in the "family tree" history, reflected in the App Overview page. For example, see all the apps have cloned hello-world or apps in the directory with the most clones.

Note that unlike source code, information in persistent storage using our storage library is private, and is only accessible by developers through their application logic.

If you truly need a way to keep your source code private, you can download appjet.jar. This software lets you run a server yourself that hosts your AppJet app.

We are also planning to offer the service of hiding source code for a small fee. If you are interested in this, let us know in the forums!.

If I develop an app on AppJet, am I locked-in to AppJet hosting?

Certainly not! You can download all the software you need to host AppJet apps yourself.

Is AppJet Hosting Reliable?

Yes. We take a number of steps to ensure that apps hosted on JGate stay up and running fast.

App code and data are fully backed up every 24 hours. We also regularly perform off-site backups. The AppJet software stack was designed from the ground up to serve apps efficiently under high load.

Can I use a custom domain such as www.example.com, for hosting an AppJet app?

Yes! See the Developer Guide page on custom domain hosting.

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